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BATA Organizational Email Addresses:

Info@buckeyearttherapy.org - President

1stVP@buckeyearttherapy.org - 1st Vice President

info@batasymposium.org - 2nd Vice President/Symposium Chair

Membership@buckeyearttherapy.org - Membership Chair

Secretary@buckeyearttherapy.org - Secretary

Treasurer@buckeyearttherapy.org - Treasurer

Publications@buckeyearttherapy.org - Publications Chair

Legislation@buckeyearttherapy.org - Legislative Chair

ClinicalChair@buckeyearttherapy.org - Clinical Chair

ByLaws@buckeyearttherapy.org - Bylaws Chair

ExternalRelations@buckeyearttherapy.org - External Relations Chair

Resources@buckeyearttherapy.org - Resources Chair




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