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BATA Symposium

Buckeye Art Therapy Association
41st Annual Virtual Symposium

"Re-centering the Creative Process in Art Therapy:
The radical potentiality of play"

September 8-10, 2022

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BATA reserves the unilateral right to change speakers, programming and schedules for the Symposium without notice.

Symposium Objective

Close study of the AATA archives reveal strategies and disagreements among our founders about how best to build and develop the field of art therapy. Choices were made that felt pragmatic to some at our field’s inception that from today’s perspective feel limiting. We will revisit the past, lift up unheard voices, and through play with archival materials as well as art making, witness writing and discussion, aim to reclaim the creative process as central to art therapy. As an art therapist who is a recent grad and new to the field and an art therapist with more than forty years of experience, we chart a path informed by queer theory, hauntology, open studio process and spiritual exploration to revive and honor art therapy and art therapists.

Letter From Our President

Dear Creative Friends and Colleagues,

Welcome to our 41st Annual Buckeye Art Therapy Symposium, September 8-10, 2022. We are honored to have Dr. Pat B. Allen and Zachary Van Den Berg as our Pre-Conference Course and Keynote presenter and are thrilled to offer this experience virtually for the third time!

The BATA Symposium provides connections with our creative colleagues who share our interests, attitudes, and aspirations. It is a time of renewal, connections, and networking. We explore the latest advances in the identification of pivotal skills that our variety of presenters offer to share. It is our chance to deepen our grasp of the complex craft and profession of art therapy and learn how we can continue to enhance our sense of expertise and fulfillment.

Thank you for joining us at the 41st Annual BATA Symposium to enrich our profession, each other, and ourselves.


Ashley Rogols,
President, Buckeye Art Therapy Association

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