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  • 26 Sep 2017 1:57 PM | Molly (Mary) Kometiani (Administrator)

    State Representative Marlene Anielski (R-Walton Hills) was honored by the Buckeye Art Therapy Association (BATA) with the “Legislator of the Year Award” for her work in mental health policy, suicide prevention, and awareness regarding mental health. “I am honored and humbled to receive the ‘Legislator of the Year Award’ from the Buckeye Art Therapy Association,” said Rep. Anielski. “Art therapy is such a vital tool in helping individuals deal with trauma and pain. I am happy to advocate its use among patients that need it. I look forward to working closely with BATA in the future to reduce the stigma associated with mental health issues, treat those in Ohio who need treatment, and reduce the impact that suicide has on our population.”

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  • 27 Jul 2017 8:11 PM | Molly (Mary) Kometiani (Administrator)

    William M. Denihan, CEO of the ADAMHS Board receives recognition from the Buckeye Art Therapy Association that was presented by Katie Kern-Pilch, community member of the Planning & Oversight Committee. 

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  • 04 Apr 2017 8:55 PM | Molly (Mary) Kometiani (Administrator)

    Jody Pittner, art therapist at Akron Children's Hospital's states “When kids are hospitalized, they lose some ability to make choices – sometimes they’re confined to their room, withdrawn, scared or in pain,” she said. “My job is to offer a distraction from all the invasive medical equipment and procedures and use art as an outlet to allow them to express themselves and their emotions.”

    Article by Kathy Johnson, published on March 17, 2017

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  • 28 Mar 2017 7:20 PM | Molly (Mary) Kometiani (Administrator)

    The Veteran's Expressive Art Class is open to anyone that has served in any branch of the military, regardless of type of discharge, and no art experience is necessary.Art is a way to quiet all those outside voices and connect to the inner self, art therapist Cheryl Pete said. 

    Article written by Courtney McNaull on 3/11/17

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  • 28 Mar 2017 7:57 AM | Molly (Mary) Kometiani (Administrator)

    Art therapist Dawn Knez said that creating art can also have other benefits for patients."They will sometimes talk to us (art therapists) about what they're feeling. We're not as threatening (as medical personnel)."Knez further believes in art therapy in that it is a way for patients to show and leave behind something tangible from a difficult period of their lives.

    Article by Jeff Piorkowski on 3/21/17 

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  • 02 Mar 2017 7:30 PM | Molly (Mary) Kometiani (Administrator)

    In response to the growing need for expressive art therapy services in Stark County, Canton Museum of Art (CMA) began the Art for Health and Healing Program in January. This unique hands-on program was conceived and developed by the CMA staff and local art therapy consultant, Gail Wetherell-Sack and is facilitated by Amy Hope. 

    Article published in The Akronist by on 3/1/17.

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  • 05 Feb 2017 3:02 PM | Molly (Mary) Kometiani (Administrator)

    On Friday, February 3rd Gretchen Miller, MA, ATR-BC, participated in the 1st Annual Ohio Human Trafficking Youth Prevention Summit held in Columbus at the Ohio Statehouse. The event was hosted by Representative Theresa Fedor as an additional event to the 8th Annual Ohio Human Trafficking Awareness Day held in the Capitol the day before.  

    Blog posted by Gretchen Miller on February 5, 2017

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  • 16 Nov 2016 11:04 AM | Molly (Mary) Kometiani (Administrator)

    The goals of the Cleveland Clinic Arts in Medicine Institute are to enhance hospitalizations, provide healing through arts, and build community.

    Fall Edition 2016 of Cleveland Clinic Newsletter: Art-Heals-Cleve-Clinic.pdf 

  • 24 Oct 2016 10:42 AM | Molly (Mary) Kometiani (Administrator)

    BATA Executive Director Cynthia Woodruff, and President-Elect Christianne Strang, attended the Buckeye Art Therapy Association 35th annual symposium.

    Article published by Christianne Strang on October 10, 2016. 

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  • 11 Aug 2016 6:32 PM | Molly (Mary) Kometiani (Administrator)

    A group of ten audiologists and volunteers including Art Therapist Raja Aossey will be embarking on the journey to Jordan with nonprofit HearCare Connection Toledo. “They lack a lot of resources and by providing this to them it will ensure that they have an opportunity to be successful and pursue other opportunities in the future." ~ Raja Aossey, MSAT, Art Therapist.

    Article published by Sharon Gaeta on 8/10/16.

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