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Friday Program (zoom links to  be provided prior to program)

Friday 9-9-22

8:00-8:30Check in (only needed if registering late or have questions)

8:30-8:50 Opening Remarks: President of BATA, Ashley Rogols

****Please have an assortment of art materials near by for art making in the various presentations***

Workshop Presentations 9-10:30

  • 1.    Workshop:  Diane Fleisch Hughes, ATR-BC, LPCC

Title : Using the Experience of Play in Adult Art Therapy

In this workshop, Diane will lead participants in the creation of a painting that starts with childlike play and grows through stages into a more mature, adult visionParticipants will be able to put emotion and conviction into painting by exploring, experimenting and developing the creativity of each individual. Art materials needed:

    • Large (18 x 24 minimum) support to paint on (canvas, canvas paper, carboard, etc.)
    • Acrylic paint  - an assortment of colors but must have white  (water, brushes, paper towels. or rag )
    • Oil pastels
    • Parchment paper and blue painters tape/ Scissors
    • Music of choice
    • Prepare by painting the canvas (or other support) a solid color (any color EXCEPT white)
  • 2.     Workshop: Cheryl Pete, MA, ATR-BC & Maggi Colwell, MS, ATR-BC

Title: Political Advocacy for Social Justice                                          

When working with clients, clinicians can be troubled by social justice issues that impact a client’s ability to function in the world.  Issues related to

racism, discrimination, safety, and access to services are just some of the barriers that can impact clients’ mental health.  Art therapists may want to

take action at a political level to advocate for those they serve but be unsure how to proceed.  This session will cover steps to advocate for clients at a

legislative level as well as ethical considerations. Art materials needed:

    • paper and/or art journal
    • collage materials and/or mixed media
    • choice of art media to use (pastels, markers, pencils)

Break 10:30-10:45

Papers 10:45-11:45

  • 1.    Paper: Rebecca D. Miller, Ph.D., ATR-BC, ATCS, CCLS

Title: Reflecting an Ideology of Juggling: Breadwinner Mothers’ Visual Artifacts during the COVID-19 Pandemic

This session reviews findings from dissertation research examining the experiences of breadwinner mothers of school-aged children during the

COVID-19 pandemic, including analyses of visual artifacts from a subset of participants. Implications for therapy practice in order to support the

wellbeing of working and breadwinning mothers will also be discussed.

  • 2.    Paper: Meera Rastogi, Ph.D., ATR-BC, Leena Baig, Fran Collins, & Amisha Saini

Title: Underserved Populations in Art Therapy 

This presentation describes three underserved populations in art therapy in the United States: adoptees, Asians and Asian Americans, and people with

chronic pain.  Three 15-minute presentations provide an overview of the issues and how art therapists might better serve and address issues facing

these populations. 

12:00-1:00 Lunch

1:15-2:45 Ethics Presentation Workshop

Workshop: Chase Morgan-Swaney, LPCC, NCC, CWC & Fawn Gordon, PhD, LPC

Title: Burned Out: Ethical Considerations and Strategies to Prevent and Monitor for Impaired Practice

The presenters aim to define and articulate the impact of burnout in therapeutics settings. Attention will be given to ethical considerations related to

identifying and managing burnout including the use of ethical decision-making models. Lastly, presenters will provide an overview of strategies to

self-assess for and prevent symptoms related to burnout.   

3:00-5 Keynote Presentation

Keynote Presenters: Pat Allen, Ph.D., ATR-BC & Zachary Van Den Berg, MA, ATR-p, LPC-a

“Re-centering the Creative Process in Art Therapy:

The radical potentiality of play”

Close study of the AATA archives reveal strategies and disagreements among our founders about how best to build and develop the field of art therapy. Choices were made that felt pragmatic to some at our field’s inception that from today’s perspective feel limiting. We will revisit the past, lift up unheard voices, and through play with archival materials as well as art making, witness writing and discussion, aim to reclaim the creative process as central to art therapy. As an art therapist who is a recent grad and new to the field and an art therapist with more than forty years of experience, we chart a path informed by queer theory, hauntology, open studio process and spiritual exploration to revive and honor art therapy and art therapists.

5-7 p.m. Dinner and Break

7-8p.m. Open Studio!

Bring your current art piece and join others in community art making, via zoom. We will work on our art and then have a chance to share current art practices.

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