An introduction to LECATA

Pre-Conference Course Presenter

Myra Levick, PhD, ATR-BC


The morning session of this 1 day course will introduce to students to the development and final design of the Levick Emotional and Cognitive Art Therapy Assessment; the format and collection of data for the Normative Study.

The afternoon session will discuss the hypothesis and results of the normative study and participate in experiential activity. The group will be divided into 5 groups and will draw 1 of the 5 tasks of this assessment, roll playing a predetermined young patient. The entire group will score the assessment and discuss the implications of the results in terms of diagnosis and treatment.

Power point and art materials will be presented and specific handouts available.

The goal is to have the students learn the process of developing an assessment; how to test for validity and reliability and define the results of an assessment for diagnosis and treatment.




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