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"Tree of Creation"

21 Apr 2014 11:40 AM | Deleted user

Published in Pain Pathways magazine, Spring 2014 edition.


"Tree of Creation" is featured on pp 34-35 and highlights Reverend Kurt Fondriest, Ph.D, MFA, REAT, ATR, CPC. Revered Fondriest shares how he uses his own art process as a form of self expression to heal from with the chronic pain of fibromyalgia. Reverend Fondreist's artwork has also been exhibited in a series of art shows inspired by the Wheel of Life at the Life Force Art Center in Chicago, IL. This theme is warrior and companion.

"The Old and Prayful"


Reverend Fondriest writes, "The old and Prayful" reflects on the body being the warrior of age and time. The companion is the act of his hands in the pray posture which signifies his faith has been his companion.

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