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Before registering, refer to this listing of workshops when choosing which ones you wish to attend.

***All workshops require pre-registration and have an additional $5 charge.***

 Workshops are capped at 40 attendees.

All paper, panel, and plenary presentations are open with no limit to participants,

do not require pre-registration, and do not have an additional cost. 

FRIDAY, 10:00- 11:30 

Self-Journeys through Wisdom Journal: Mixed Media Art Journaling/Workshop /Presenter: Gina Baird, LMHC, ATR-B

A power point presentation will be shared highlighting a variety of ways to build a wisdom journal. Gina shares how she has designed three or more different approaches using mixed media art journaling as a trauma sensitive way to assist survivors in a process of healing. Case examples will be shown for both group work and individual therapy process. Participants will create one version of a wisdom journal to explore the concept if wisdom gained to benefit and affirm clinical practice and to apply new mixed media art journaling techniques. 

Transforming suffering: Helping clients reduce anxiety and depression through Buddist philosophy utilizing art therapy/Workshop/Presenter: Katherine Jackson, PhD, ART-BC

Anxiety and depressive disorders are on the rise exponentially in the United States (Hanh, 2015; Moon, 2016). Clients seeking mental health services are seeking relief from the suffering of anxiety and depression that plague the current times. Buddhist tenets found in Buddhism, a philosophy born out of Asia, can help with the suffering of mental health struggles. Utilizing the Four Noble Truths, and The Eightfold Path of Buddhist philosophy, individuals can recognize particular struggles that create blocks to wellness (Hahn, 2015; Keltner, 2009). Individuals will utilize artist trading cards, psychoeducation, and mindfulness to work on liberation from anxiety and depression that can benefit clients. This innovative technique and worldview can help individuals perceive differently and break out of maladaptive habituated patterns of thinking and behaving.


FRIDAY, 4:00- 5:30 

Jung, the Tarot, Archetypes, and Soul Collage/Workshop (120 minutes)/Presenter: Barbara Trauger-Querry, MA, ATR-BC; Susan Wilson, MT-BC

A brief historical view of the Tarot, archetypal meanings and the relationship to Jungian psychology and archetypes will be explored. We will delve into and discuss traditional Tarot card archetypal images as compared to SoulCollage archetypal cards, including similarities and differences, and Tarot readings vs. the SoulCollageĀ® method. We will also explore the personal nature of creating these collages for adults and children. Use of the technique of SoulCollageĀ®, the power of the “I am the one who…” process and the resulting self-discovery and insight will be discussed. Each participant will create their own personal SoulCollage archetype card.


The Story of Our Lives : Using Scrapbooking as a Visual Narrative/Workshop/Presenters: Elizabeth Martin; Cathy Malchiodi

This workshop focuses on the therapeutic uses of scrapbooking in various settings with an emphasis on narrative therapy.  A brief history of scrapbooking is presented to explain the value of scrapbooking as a way to help clients create meaningful visual stories for self-regulation and resilience. Participants are encouraged bring their own photographs to include in their scrapbooking experience. The session concludes with reflection and discussion of how scrapbooking helps to “thicken the story” [narrative therapy approach] of our clients’ lives through scrapbooking.


SATURDAY  2:00pm -3:30pm

White Feathers and Other Stories of Grief, Faith, and Hope/Workshop/Presenter: Dawn Freeman, MA, AT

Cleveland Clinic Cancer Centers in Sandusky and Mansfield offer art therapy group interventions for patients, caregivers, and staff.Grief and loss are a recurrent theme that is addressed on a regular basis.  Three of these art therapy interventions will be explored including, The Prayer Shawl, Altered Art Clip Board, and Unfinished Business.  Each participant will create one piece of art to take home reflecting their thoughts, feelings, and perspectives on their own grief and loss. The latest in research regarding art therapy’s benefits in the grief and loss field will be discussed.

Art Therapy within Nationwide Children’s Hospital/Workshop/Presenters: Ashely Skellly, LPCC-S,ATR; Katelyn Lehner, ATR-BC

This course will explore various art therapy practices within a pediatric medical setting. This course will provide information about the use of art therapy in a behavioral health venue as well as an inpatient/outpatient venue. Limitations and benefits of working within a multi-disciplinary framework will also be explored. An experiential will be provided to further demonstrate the need to call attentions to strengths and the importance of using this approach when working with children and families.


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