2016 BATA Symposium: Friday Program

**ALL workshops require pre-registration and payment of a $5 materials fee

8:30-10:00               Registration – Lobby

9:45-10:00               Welcome and Opening Remarks – Capitol Room

10:00-11:30 Concurrent Sessions

PAPER:  Art Therapy through the trajectory of Cancer Care/Jill McNutt, PhD, ATR-BC. Cancer care and stages of cancer survivorship includes diagnosis, treatment, transition from treatment, and dealing with life or death beyond cancer.  Art therapy treatment and efficacy may depend upon demographics, type and stage of cancer, position on the cancer trajectory and treatment options.  When included as part of integrated treatment, art therapy can provide hope, strength, resilience and opportunity for re-created perspectives on life.

WORKSHOP:  Post Slenderman: Using Mindfulness and Creativity for Vicarious Trauma in a School-Based setting/Chris Drosdick, In May 2014 two middle school girls committed a vicious crime against a peer, known as the Slenderman Stabbing. While none of the girls involved currently attend the middle school, the aftermath of the trauma has been ongoing.  Immediately after the incident, behavioral incidents at the school skyrocketed. Teacher burnout skyrocketed.  Over the course of the 2015/2016 school year, Chris Drosdick developed a program to provide the teachers with support they needed and cracked open the resistance wall they had developed. The program involved mindfulness, art therapy and cognitive behavioral therapy techniques, as well as good old fashioned persistence and friendliness.

WORKSHOP: Hooping for Wholeness/Emily Johnson Welsh ATR-BC, LPAT, LPCC; Jennifer Beasley, ATR-BC, LPAT   This workshop will allow participants to explore their own healing potential through the creation of a hula hoop. Hooping has been a popular form of play, dance, and exercise throughout our history. The repetitive movement of hooping, bringing us to the present moment, can have a positive impact on our body, mind, and spirit. Just as the mandala was adopted by art therapists as a symbol for balance, meditation, and awareness, the creation of a hoop  can be both a visual and physical embodiment of these elements. This practice can build resiliency and empathy in ourselves as well as our clients.

WORKSHOP: Silkscreen on Paper/ Chelsea Proctor.  This workshop will focus on using  Mayco Designer Silkscreens with acrylic paint on paper, and focus on  the different ways our design tools can be used.  These design tools are not limited to ceramics, but would be a great way to create imagery in many mediums.

11:30-1:00 Award Luncheon for Representative Nickie Antonio (lunch provided)

1:00-2:30 /KEYNOTE PRESENTATION: American Indian Art Therapy/Elizabeth Warson, PhD, ATR-BC, LPC, NCC

2:30-2:45 Break

 2:45-4:15 Concurrent Sessions

WORKSHOP: Learning New Methods to Connect with Clients: Incorporating Drama Therapeutic Principles into Your Art Therapy Practice/David Peacock, MA, HCPC,; Lisa Peacock, MA, RDT This workshop will present exercises to promote trust

among participants while exploring practical applications to building a therapeutic relationship. This experiential allows each person to engage in the therapeutic process at their own level, while respecting cultural differences. By engaging in this expressive arts therapy, participants will be able to access stories that inspire or limit their progress with clients. Because drama therapy uses the entire body, it connects the head to the heart, significant elements in the healing process, and can be an effective tool in client care 

WORKSHOP: Illuminate your Mind, Body, & Soul: A Creative Self-Care Workshop/ Erin Brazil, ATR-BC, LCSW.  As therapists, the empathic engagement with our clients lays the groundwork for a path toward improved health and wellness. There is a cost of caring, and therapists are especially vulnerable to compassion fatigue. The topic of self-compassion will be explored as a means of resiliency against compassion fatigue. This workshop will guide participants through a mindfulness-based art intervention of creating a luminary for personal and professional reflection, healing and self-care. A brief lighting ceremony of the luminaries will conclude the workshop.

PAPER: Multicultural Fiber Art: Stitching Pathways to Wellness and Justice/Jennifer Schwartz, ATR-BC Humans across cultures and throughout time have been intimately entwined with fiber throughout the lifespan, from our swaddling cloths to our funeral shrouds.  Fiber arts have even been used impact social and political change.  Despite the potential for fiber art to be applied as an agent of change, the use of fiber within art therapy practice has only recently been documented.  This presentation will highlight the historical use of fiber art as an agent of psychological and socio-political change.  Our discussion will conclude with a summary of current research regarding the use of fiber art in clinical practice.

WORKSHOP: Posttraumatic Growth: Healing through Genograms/Melissa Hladek, BA; DoHee Kim-Appel, PhD, LPCC-S, ATR, INFT-S, LICDC, NCC This workshop will be centered on the concept of Posttraumatic Growth (PTG). Information to help increase knowledge on PTG and research surrounding awareness, willingness, and acceptance will be incorporated. Personal research indicating PTG can be attained for adult women survivors of sexual abuse through a journey of overcoming the struggles of trauma will be presented. Practical information for applying and integrating genogram interventions into art therapy treatment plans will also be included. This workshop will aim to increase understandings of multigenerational patterns and behaviors through the creation of a genogram as applied to a family’s response to trauma.

4:15-4:30 Break

4:30-6:00 PLENARY: Mrs Smith Goes to Columbus: Legislative Progress toward Art Therapy Licensure in Ohio/Martha Stitt, ATR-BC In this plenary session you will learn how legislation really gets enacted. This past year of heightened presidential political rhetoric has many of us saying we have had enough of politics.  Yet, BATA is still focused on accomplishing our goal of getting an art therapy licensure bill passed in Ohio.  So we will leave “extreme” politics for the national spotlight and use some down home humor, our everyday skills, along with advice from “Mrs Smith” to accomplish our goals.  We need all Symposium participants to join us.   We need YOU!

6:00-8:00 Dinner on your own    

8:00pm Yoga Nidra with Chris Drosdick  Bring a pillow and blanket to participate in this meditative activity that has been shown to help reduce anxiety, insomnia, depression, PTSD and more. 

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